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“Dear Amos
Shalom! Greetings from Brooklyn NY

Amos, thank you for sharing of your wisdom and knowledge of the culture and history of Israel during our pilgrimage (Pastor’s Israel Vision Tour) Although I did not quite know what to expect, you made it clear, interesting and fun! Kudos!

Also, thanks for the tip on the Sonsino Bible (Chumas). I was able to purchase a copy at a Judaica store in my neighborhood! I intend to add their other books to my resources.

Amos, please know this, a lot of us genuinely love Israel and it’s people. We are very much aware of God’s plan and purpose. It’s public info. It’s even written in a book😄!

I’ll continue to pray for the safety and success of the IDF.

Thank you again! Best wishes to you and your family.

Nancy Nieves

“Dear Sharon,

Thank you, Sharon, for all your help and especially your patience in handling all my fussy phone calls, you were always so cheerful and reassuring! It was my first time to fly overseas, and visiting Israel was especially daunting, what with all the security measures especially – but Dennis Prager and all of you made it so wonderful and easy, now that I look back on it!

Sharon, if you plan on going to Israel ever on a tour such as this, try to do it when you are young and have lots of energy and resilience, there was so much hiking and climbing, and no time for sleep, of course we didn’t mind a bit of it, every moment of the Stand with Israel Tour was thrilling!

Such a terrific trip, I can’t imagine going anywhere so rewarding. I do hope you get to experience Israel for yourself, just being there was a thrill of a lifetime! Thank you for being such a blessing to so many of us, best wishes to you and your family for a most enriching Christmas season!


Donna C., Houston, TX

“Thank you for helping me book a well-managed, affordable and first-class trip to Israel that exceeded my expectations!!

Sharon, Merry Christmas to you.”

Greg G.

“*Hag Hamolad Sameach, Sharon, Reuven and everyone at Genesis tours; toda raba for a trip of a lifetime!!”

Susan and Bob B.

“I thank Genesis Tours and all who were involved in making the October 23 to November 3 Experience Israel tour a reality.It was an awesome life changing event! I look forward to traveling with Genesis again.

A Blessed Christmas and New Year to all.”

Patricia B.

“Thank you Sharon!

I’m so glad to have gone on the trip. I was blessed beyond description.

Grateful for the great job done by Genesis.

Merry Christmas to you as well.”
Bob A.

“Sharon, may the Lord’s birth bless you continually this Christmas and in the New Year.

The Stand with Israel tour with Dennis Prager was definitely the most memorable land tour of Israel for us. We were particularly blessed with our guide, David Westlund who deepened our knowledge of our spiritual heritage and increased our special love for the country of Israel.”

Tina L.

“Hi Sharon,

VERY Merry Christmas to you!

I will take advantage of this opportunity to tell you that our recent “Stand with Israel” trip was absolutely AWESOME! It was everything you had promised us it would be, and then some! Thank you SO much for the great job you did to accommodate us. We fell in love with Israel!

Hope the New Year is filled with all good things for you and yours,”

Sarah and John T.

“Thank You Sharon,

We had a wonderful trip on the Stand Up for Israel Tour with both Dennis and Mike. It was like packaging 10lbs in 5 lbs pound bag but it had to be that way in order to get the itinerary in as planned. As it was though, we had two problems with the tour.

…I think Genesis did a great job with the tour and it was worth every penny. The Hotels, Guides, the food were all great. We are very happy with the tour.

So I guess this is a very good excuse to make another trip back to Israel so we can see Haifa, visit Tel Aviv again and spend more time in Jerusalem…where we can walk around around see shops and other things going on.”


“I can’t thank you enough for all the work you did in organizing the trip of a lifetime for us all at WFIL with Alistair Begg!!

This was my top “bucket list,” and I have to say, I truly loved every minute of it!!!!

I MUST put in a good word for our incredible tour guide, Yehuda Zabari (bus2), who knew the NT as well as the OT, and won our hearts with his testimony and family history and his tremendous knowledge of Israel, it’s history and landmarks!!! He was so patient with us when we needed him to be – a very gracious man, for sure! He went above and beyond the call of duty, so to speak, translating for us, giving extra info, and he truly won our hearts!! We are all saying, “If I ever go back, I am only going if he will be my tour guide again!”

And our bus driver, Reyad Haj, was also phenomenal in his driving and maneuvering in tight traffic, etc. and getting us everywhere safely!! We were constantly cheering him in his unbelievable maneuvering feats!!

So PLEASE copy this also to Reuven Doron!! We want him to hear this feedback as well!

And Reuven, for you, you also did an incredible job on your end! And especially with the health problems you were having!!! I hope this finds you completely WELL now!! Please let Yehuda and Reyad know how much we all on bus 2 love them!! We are endeavor to keep in touch with them to continue to pray for them.

I must say that I did come back changed from this Experiencing Israel trip (Oct 24-Nov3). I went being supportive of Israel and the Jewish people living there, and most of all, to pray for them and for the Peace of Israel! But I came back LOVING the land and all the people there, regardless of race! I made friends with Palestinians who were searching for God, shared the Gospel with them, and am still praying for their salvation! The same for Jewish folks I personally met: am praying for their salvation, and personal requests they have shared with me. There is something to be said for actually making a friend in another country. It bonds you together in love, and especially the love of God. A few weeks after I got back home, I met 2 young single Jewish folks as merchants at the mall, and when they heard about my trip, it was an immediate open door to share with them!! I talked 2 1/2 hours twice with them, and they want me to teach them about Jesus!! This is truly a God thing!! I continue to text with these young folks, and am endeared to them!! God is sooo good! And both of you were instrumental in my being able to bond with precious Jewish people who need to know about their Messiah, Jeshua!! Lord willing, I am planning to take them to Beth Jeshua in Philly after the new year! So pray for me in my exciting journey, as it continues in America!!

May you and your families have a most blessed Christmas and a healthy and prosperous new year!

Because of Jeshua,”
Renee Y.

“It was a trip of a lifetime with not enough adjectives to describe it!

Thank you for all you did to help make it exceed our expectations in every way and bless us forever.

Merry Christmas!”

Sue and Tom S.

“Hi Sharon- trip was wonderful.

Our bus group (#7) was a great group of people. Maggie in the group volunteered to take all our emails and send pictures and email addresses…don’t want to let the friendships lapse.



“Susan and I want to thank Genesis Tours for the best trip of our lives.

The diversity of the ISRAELI citizens is profound…from the religious who pray all day to the 18-year-old girls and boys in the army walking with their rifles. We felt safer there than at home.

I had asked you before the trip if we would see a military installation since I was an officer in the US Army years ago–well, not only did we see one but had the honor of seeing TWO!!!! {TRY TO ADD THIS TO YOUR BROCHURE}

Their trading methods are similar to the ones I was involved with. The one exception I noted was the carefree way of the soldiers- not having to worry about spotless uniforms or spit shined boots…

The planning and carrying out of the trip by Genesis was exceptional.FELIX our guide should be commended for his knowledge and friendly manner that he showed us.


Mort and Susan

“Hi Cynthia and Sharon

I just returned from the “Stand with Israel Tour” with Dennis Prager and it was a wonderful trip. The best part of the trip was a trumpet playing tour guide Yair Herdon (Bus #4). He was extremely knowledgeable, funny, and a good trumpet player. Everyone on our bus agreed that we were so lucky to have him as our tour guide.

It think he is a great asset to Genesis Tours and I hope that he is well praised for his work.

Thanks again!”

Mike S.

“Shalom to everyone at Genesis!

We were blessed during our incredible (spiritual, exciting, eye-opening, …) time on our travels with you to Israel in October and November and are still organizing our pictures and notes. Everyone at Genesis that we came in contact with was friendly, helpful and professional.

Of note, Sharon and Cynthia were both very helpful in coordinating our request to add more time in Israel on our own as well as a visit to Petra. Ariel (bus tour guide) and Shmuel Levy (personal tour guide) were both outstanding, showing incredible patience in “educating” us during our travels.

We enjoyed the opportunity to meet the entire Doron family and hearing from your son at the banquet. God willing, we will be joining with you again in the future.

May God’s blessings continue for Israel, for you and your families,

Toda raba,”

Steve and Margie G.

“Merry Sharon,

This trip was one of the best decisions I ever made, and I want to thanks Genesis Tours for make it a memorable trip. The website is beautiful too.

Have a merry Christmas, God bless you and yours in Jesus name.”

Catherine O.

“Thank you Sharon and I hope you have a blessed new year.

My trip to Israel was wonderful and the fact that I was sitting next to Rose, who was also on the same trip, there and back was such a comfort.

Thank you so very much for organizing all of it.

Our bus was great, our guide was so knowledgeable, the food was very healthy and personally Mediterranean food is one of my faves and really, there was nothing to complain about…coz I was in The Holy Land!”


“Hi Sharon,


Dixie F.

“Thanks. Just wanted to say that the trip really well run and enjoyable.

The tour guide we had was pleasant, knowledgable, and attentive to our needs.

Happy New Year.”

Constantine V.

“Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Thank you for your helpfulness throughout the process of traveling with Genesis Tours. I will definitely consider your upcoming trips and recommend this company to others! May God bless and prosper you, your family and Genesis Tours staff!”

Myra N.

“Happy New Year to you, and all of your Genesis crew. My wife Josie and I really enjoyed our trip in December. Israel is a special place, full of special people. While I thought I was well read and somewhat informed about the middle east, I certainly learned many new things. We may consider another trip……if the budget can stand it!

Meanwhile, I have attached a guest column I wrote for our local paper here in Greeley Colorado. This was published about six weeks ago, and the Tribune is the primary paper for Weld County. We are not a huge community, about 250,000 in the county, but I reached a slice of middle America with my opinion of your great country, and received a lot of favorable feedback from friends and acquaintances.

Shalom my friend. I hope some of my friends come to see you.”


“Thank you Sarah. It was a revealing trip as we all learned more about specific history of where our God has worked as related in the Bible. Many times I stop and reflect on what I saw and learned during the trip. I also appreciate your assistance with the additional arrangements. I trust that you and your family had a happy and healthy Christmas and New Year.”

James R.

“Reuven and the Genesis Team,

Thank you for the video, found myself twice. I was pleased with everything, and the food was the best!

One of the highlights for me was being on the Sea of Galilee. I loved the raising of the flags, the national anthems sang and of course the reading of the Psalms. Our tour guide Ariel Sella was excellent.

God bless you Reuven and have a great 2016.. “


“Reuven and the Genesis Team,

Thank you for being such excellent hosts during our recent trip to Israel. It was a life-changing experience for me, and I’m sure for many others as well. It was especially gratifying to be accompanied by Dennis Prager and Mike Gallagher, and surrounded by so many like-minded people. As I look back, the trip had an almost dream-like quality.

I have since urged several friends to visit Israel. They will be among friends, and they will see and do things they can’t experience anywhere else on earth. I hope to come back some day and spend more time at many of the places we briefly visited. When I return I know I will be welcomed by my Israeli friends.

May God bless you and Israel, and be safe “


“To all at Genesis Tours,  I want to thank for their efforts in providing us this unforgettable trip! I was impressed with such competence and responsibility. All extremely organized, impeccable!

I will certainly recommend them and want to travel with you again, perhaps for other destinations. Congratulations to all! You are honoring the word of God, demonstrating a great ability to serve the brothers. An example of a company with Christian principles can make a difference in this world. “


Wherever I’m going, always I give a vote of recognition and praise in favor of the GENESIS TOURS, saying it is of believers, whose works are full confidence, and recommend it to anyone: Travel with Genesis Tours! My leg was good, so much so that one could make another trip to Israel. Too good!

Well before traveling, I read in Ezra 8.21-22, praying every day for a happy trip for us. And God in His wonderful grace given us more than we ask for. Honor is given to IT, so only! For me it was a huge privilege to have gone with the group of 18 to 30 May 2013.

A big hug and the grateful old passenger!”

Gustavo Neumann

Shalom Jerusalem!

“I have long wanted to know Israel! But only now it was possible to realize this dream with my wife Marilda. How often I taught the Bible, often in the pulpit. But seeing the places where it happened was truly wonderful! I feel very happy and blessed by God for coming to the town of Jesus, my beloved Savior! I am beginning to understand much more what’s in the Bible, just reading it. It struck me quite the group subsequently, discipline, behavior and the reigning joy in every one of the brothers!”

Genesis Tours demonstrated efficacy greatly in organization and service, in the person of Felipe, congratulations! As for Halede driver and Jair gui forget it, on education, the affection and the desire to serve, and toward the bus and the other transmitted at each stop a biblical knowledge and very deep historical and opening new horizons for a better knowledge of the Word of God.

Our guide led us with much love and dedication, leading us to green pastures. Thank you Lord for so many people you used to give me a different pilgrimage where the main function was my spiritual life become more resplendent.”

Wilson Fraiha

“I mean my take on our trip to Israel, I was very happy and felt the presence of God everywhere we passed! I felt that we were being monitored by Jesus! Because it gave us a lot of security, starting with our guide who was very polite, very quiet, and very knowledgeable of the places we passed. I loved the Felipe too, was all good! could not be better!

The places where I spent more thrilled me were in Capernaum and also on the boat, and then on the Mount of Olives, and the city of David. Our group was also very united and very happy with me. I can say that was only blessings and more blessings.”

Mari Jose Beretta

“I’m amazed at the greatness of God, the promises that have been fulfilled and those that have not been fulfilled. It was striking in the Garden of Gethsemane, knowing that it was there that the Lord Jesus Christ prayed for me. My prayer is not just for them (disciples but also pleaded for those who will believe in me through his message. That the name of God is always glorified in my life.”

Regina Ott

“It was a packed travel experiences with God in each place visited. I liked the guide too, and learned to speak some Portuguese. He understood the group’s journey helped a lot so that each place visited was not only a historical place, but an archaeological discovery.

What impacted me most was the walk in the boat on the Sea of ​​Galilee, listening to the testimony of a Christian Jew who came to the mother and found the Father. It made me think that Jesus still walks the same waters touching the people and saving them. I could see how God still does today in this special land, and know it is the same God who can do for me! Thank Genesis Tours for bringing us to Israel!”

Evely Ott

“The verse that translates exactly what was this trip for me, is in Ephesians 3:20. One who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine.

Truly it was more than asked or thought of spiritual growth, learning, fellowship, script, accommodation, guide … everything! I get as a gift from God and I can say that from here, never be the same! Thank God to you Felipe for everything. God bless.”

Edna Rose Pine

“The trip for me was wonderful! I was pretty sure that the trip would be very uplifting, and I was right! The affection, delicacy and sincerity of Felipe was above my expectations! The excitement about everywhere was impressive, my heart felt like it would explode at every event! The arrival in Jerusalem left me with no words … The image of that cross, the Garden of Gethsemane … Just coming here to feel all these emotions!

I am very grateful to everyone. I was tremendously edified. Despite the fatigue, which was not little, I will recommend to my friends this trip. I thank you and wish with all my heart all else anointing happiness.”

Laura Cunha

“The trip for me was special in every way, there is nothing to repair, to be sure other people will love coming here too! I would like to emphasize that I feared the trip got too in the historical part, but rather put to the highest point the spiritual part. Particularly, bounce a few points or special moments, the time of the Beatitudes; the tomb of garden at Nazareth Village; The cross (explanation), and also press the oil.”

Afranio Cunha